Very few people can live in isolation. We generally do better when we have people around to talk to, share stories with, and support us. I feel this is especially true when it comes to faith and religion. Here, I will attempt to share my thoughts and reflect on my spiritual journey -- I know this will further strengthen my faith, and I hope this will positively influence yours as well.  - CradleCatholic2.0

Rediscovering our Rocks


by CradleCatholic2.0, for July 2017 Newsletter



Sometimes I struggle with finding room for my rocks because I’ve ready filled up my jar with pebbles and sand. Let me explain: the rocks represent the most important things in life – our priorities, while the pebbles are the other things that give life meaning, and the sand is all the smaller things that fill up our time.

If we fill our jars with the rocks first, the pebbles will find their way between the rocks, and the sand between the pebbles and rocks. But imagine what would happen if we will our jars with sand or pebbles first. Surely there will be no room for the rocks!

What are your rocks and pebbles? What about your sand? How would you categorize the following: family, health, job, friendships, hobbies, watching TV, taking naps, going on Facebook? Where does spending time with God belong?

I recently listened to a TED talk on time management given by Laura Vanderkam. She said something that I will not forget: “I don’t have time” is equivalent to “it’s not a priority.” For example, “I don’t have time to clean the blinds” really is “cleaning the blinds is not my priority,” because if someone gave me a million dollars for cleaning the blinds, I’d surely make time to do it.

So let’s take a moment to relook at what our rocks & priorities are so we can fit them into our hectic schedules first. Everything else will fall into place!



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