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神聖慈悲主日 Divine Mercy Sunday April 16, 2023


Divine Mercy Sunday 2023

Franklin Fong, OFM

April 16, 2023


Today’s lectionary will give us a deeper understanding and appreciation for how the resurrection of Jesus is the source of risen life now yes even today for each of us in the Church.

In our first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we hear about how life is about being prayerful, celebrative and joyful. Resurrection is defined as poverty, chastity and obedience as we pray together and share our gifts in a community centered life with Christ.

In the 2nd Reading from the 1 Peter we hear about how having been born to new life, a life with God, that we believe and we love. Faith doesn’t free us from trials or sufferings which are there to help us purify our faith life. So endurance nurtures hope which then nurtures joy !

In the Gospel of John reading, we hear about how the Holy Spirit is given to us. We are freed from our sins. We manifest our faith by our witness! So, resurrection of Jesus is an invitation to believe. The disappearance of fear and the presence of joy is evidence then of resurrection. We hear of the beautiful example of Thomas having disbelief and only be touching Jesus’ wounds does he come to believe. Faith is a GIFT of the Holy Spirit !

We don’t have to see Jesus to believe, as Thomas had to. We believe because we personally experience what is given us by the risen Christ.

So, what happened in the resurrection of Jesus? What will occur in our resurrection?

Since resurrection will be experienced in another world and cannot be seen by us as it really is, we have much difficulty in describing it. Many persons today speak of resurrection and heaven in terms of time and space. We leave this world, go up to a place above us and spend days with God. Jesus had to have a stone rolled back to come out of the tomb, waited 40 days and then shot upward into place called heaven. No wonder some people find it difficult to believe in a bodily resurrection.

It is better to understand Jesus’ resurrection as a radical transformation of his whole person. He experienced a new relationship with his Father beyond the limitations of time and space. Heaven is God and all who share in God’s life. We don’t literally have to go up to heaven or move spatially up to God. God is everywhere. We have to become heavenly or God-like. We don’t have to believe that in a literal sense that these worn-out bodies of ours will be raised up.

We don’t know what is necessary for a resurrected body. But in some way, our whole person will be fully alive with the life that God gives us. Our relationships will be perfected. We will share in the very life and happiness of God himself. This is God’s promise to us. This is our HOPE. This is the Divine Mercy of God for each of us who witness to God’s love with our head, heart and hands !

Resurrection is a force that drives us to form community, to promote social justice, to rise above our fears and sins, and keep our light of Christ burning brightly with strong sense of hope in the midst of discontent, fragmentation, chaos and confusion! So, may we grow in living our risen lives NOW. Let us be strong in our hope of living forever.


So, Take some time in the coming week to reflect on:

1. Where and when have you seen Christ in your life?

2. How has your life with and in the Chinese Catholic community helped you to keep that light of Christ shining and glowing brightly in your heart?

3. Can you name those moments when hope and joy in your life was the by-product of the Chinese Catholic community !


Brothers and Sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community

that is the Good NEWs for this Divine Mercy Sunday .

Alleluia Alleluia


Add to intercessory prayers:

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen.





復活期(甲年)第二主日-救主慈悲主日 (04/16/2023)

讀經一: 宗徒大事錄 2:42-47
讀經二: 伯多祿前書 1:3-9
若望福音 20:19-31


1. 在你的生命中,你在什麼地方、什麼時候見過基督?
2. 你在華人教會團體的生活中如何幫助你保持基督的光芒在你心中閃耀?
3. 你能說出那些生活中的希望和喜樂是你生活在華人教會團體時趨生出來的嗎?