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常年期第20主日 HOMILY 20th Sunday OT A August 20, 2023


20th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Cycle A

Cantonese Chinese Community – 08 20 2023

Fr. Fernando Cortez


People throughout the world are proud of their own nation and care for their family and friends as each one esteems what is mine. The wisdom of each culture teaches us to be a good example for others to copy. Parents for children, older children for the younger. All are to care for the elders, the poor and the stranger. This was the work of Israel. This was their sacred duty.


Today’s readings speak to us of the pride and joy in serving and belonging to God. The Psalms teach us in song and poetry about the unique privilege and responsibility of Israel as God’s Chosen People. Israel is not unique or special. God choose them and makes them his own people. It is God’s love and mercy that calls them to praise God and be an example for all the earth. Their loyalty to God is blessed and all the world will come to follow their example.


Perhaps the world was not just, but God, through the mercy he first showed for Israel, asked them to keep faith in his promises of joy and glory. The people were asked to do the same, but did not always follow God’s will. Isaiah the prophet come in his own time to be voice of hope and glory for Israel. Israel has the gift of God. What is their gift to God? To do justice and know that God is ready to save them from their enemies. Their example in exile, even far from home, will inspire many nations practice right actions and to do justice. Isaiah speaks for God and declares that foreigners will join to God, love his name, and serve him.


God’s home will be open to all nations, as a house of joyful prayer, to bring offerings to God acceptable to him: a house a prayer for all peoples and place to remember God’s gifts of mercy and love. This is a bright future for Israel and all the world.


All is brought to fulfillment in Jesus, God’s son and messenger of Love and belonging. But even Jesus had to learn this. Today’s Gospel story teaches us about the universal gift of Faith. God’s love and belonging to him is not just for Israel.


Our story of the Canaanite women and her poor daughter is a hard lesson for the Jesus and the Apostles. It come to us in three acts, like a play.


The First act, Jesus is away from his homeland. Here a Canaanite woman dares to ask a favor of Jesus. “Have pity on me, Lord, Son of David!” She appeals to his vanity and privileged ancestry. Heal her daughter. A demon afflicts the daughter. Jesus only offers silence and walks on!


The Second act, the woman harasses the Apostles! The Apostles plead to Jesus, please send her away! Jesus is here only for the lost sheep of Israel. He looks out for his own even in a foreign land. Never disappoint a woman with a just cause, even a stranger!


We will hear that she followed and overheard the conversation…


The Third act, the Canaanite woman offers HOMAGE, she gives personal respect and honor to Jesus. She is now less than nothing in the sight of everyone. But she has courage and trusts in Jesus. HELP ME!


Jesus’ story about the dogs is very painful to hear. The woman looks first to her love for her daughter. “Sir, even the pet dogs may eat what might fall from the table of the master!”


Jesus is confronted and must recognize her,

“GO woman, your FAITH is GREAT!

Be it done as you wish.

The daughter was healed from that hour”.


Saint Paul understands this change in Jesus. He relates it to his mission to the Gentiles, all the foreign peoples of the world. The deepest mystery is that the mercy for Israel is now open to all. As we receive God’s blessing and mercy, these gifts will remain open to the children of Israel now and into the future. They will never be turned away. This is St. Paul deep faith and hope for the love of his own people, Israel.


Like the Canaanite woman we are privileged to receive the gift of God, Jesus. Perhaps, our acceptance of Jesus, his gift of love for the whole world will bless and inspire others to follow our example of faith and trust. For nothing is impossible for God!




常年期(甲年)第二十主日講道 (08/20/2023)


讀經一: 依撒意亞先知書56:1, 6-7
讀經二: 保祿宗徒致羅馬人書 11:13-15, 29-32
福音: 瑪竇福音 15:21-28







第一幕,耶穌離開了他的家鄉。在這裡,一個客納罕婦女敢於向耶穌請求幫助。 主啊,達味之子,可憐我吧! 她奉承他的虛榮心和特權血統。治愈她的女兒。惡魔折磨著女兒。耶穌只是保持沉默,然後繼續前行!

第二幕,女人騷擾門徒! 門徒們懇求耶穌,請打發她走吧! 耶穌來這裡只是為了以色列迷失的羊。即使在異國他鄉,他也會照顧自己的家人。永遠不要讓一個有正當理由的女人失望,即使是一個陌生人!



耶穌關於狗的故事聽起來非常痛苦。女人首先看的是她對女兒的愛。 先生,主人桌上掉下來的東西,連寵物狗都會吃的!