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常年期第16主日 HOMILY 16th Sunday OT A July 23, 2023


Homily 16th Sunday OT A

Franklin Fong, OFM


The central theme in our readings today are all about our relationship with God and how we are to live our lives in this relationship.


The first reading from the book of Wisdom is about God’s way of showing justice to us. Psalm 86 talks about God’s mercy and love. The second reading from Romans is about God’s solidarity with us through the Holy Spirit. The Gospel of Matthew verses are about God’s patience with us over our entire lifetime.  


We can choose to trust in the meaningfulness of our lives while we grow through all that happens in a lifetime. As the first reading assures us, God cares for each one of us and gives us ground for hope. Clearly the spirit of God helps us when we are in times of weakness and moves us to pray in trusting faith. We can always achieve the purpose of life: heroism in leading lives of faith, hope and love.  


Jesus does not offer an explanation of the mystery of evil. Instead, Jesus takes the occasion to admonish us to wait patiently for the time of judgement, or the victory of good over evil. In the meantime we can choose to sow the good seeds of wheat and await the harvest. Jesus reminds us that the wheat seeds will be growing up with weed seeds as well. But God will harvest the weeds to be burned, in Hell! And the wheat harvest will collected for eternal life !


Over our lifetime we become so aware that we cannot harmonize the goodness and love of God with the presence of evil, such as forest fire, earthquakes, drought. That learning curve is about coming to understand nature of that evil and to begin the process of preventing or minimizing the effects of that evil. For earthquakes engineers have learned how to design buildings so that they are less likely to be destroyed by an earthquake. For forest fires, we have learned how to care for land so that it is less likely to catch fire. It is in faith that we believe that there is a reason for all that happens in what we experience in our lives. 


What we can do is to focus our attention on what is positive in life. We can welcome graced moments of goodness, love and peace. We can be strong in believing in the midst of evil to love God and one another. And of course we can do much to learn how to alleviate suffering and to remove the causes of evil and injustice to happen!


Jesus, the story teller, does not offer an explanation of the mystery of evil. Rather, Jesus takes the occasion to admonish us to await patiently the time of judgement, the victory of good over evil. 


In the meantime we can learn how to sow the “good seeds of wheat” and await the harvest. 


So to summarize the readings today, recall that the first reading speaks about God’s justice which is tempered with consideration. The Psalm 86 talks about God’s mercy and love. The verses from Romans talks about the role of the Holy Spirit in our prayer life as a sign of God’s solidarity with us. And the Gospel of Matthew verses reveals God’s patience before judging whether a life is good or evil.


So take some time in the coming week to reflect in your life of the ways you have been called to be a witness to God’s love in your daily life.  


Remember we are called to be witnesses of God’s love and not judges !  

How have you sown the word of God in this past year?

Think back and see if you can recognize the different ways you have sown the word of God in your faith journey.

In recalling each decade of your faith journey, can you now recognize how the Holy Spirit has guided you in building the different ways of witnessing to the Light of Christ in your life?  


Brothers and Sisters of the 

Chinese Catholic Community of St Leander Parish 

that is the Good News for this 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time.

Alleluia Alleluia !




常年期(甲年)第十六主日講道 (07/23/2023)


讀經一: 智慧篇 12:13, 16-19
讀經二: 保祿宗徒致羅馬人書 8:26-27
福音: 瑪竇福音 13:24-43











 請記住,我們被召喚成為天主愛的見證者,而不是裁判!  你在過去的一年裡如何撒下天主的聖言?  回想一下,並看看是否能夠認識到你在信仰旅程中如何撒下天主的聖言的不同方式。  在回憶信仰旅程的每一個十年時段時,你是否能夠認識到聖神如何引導你,在不同的見證基礎上建立對基督之光的見證?