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常年期第11主日 HOMILY 11th Sunday OT A June 18, 2023


HOMILY 11th Sunday OT A

Franklin Fong, OFM

June 18, 2023


With this week we now formally begin the Ordinary Time lectionary readings each Sunday. These readings will bring our attention to how it is we are to walk our journey of faith with head, heart and hands. The main focus for the past several weeks has been all of the reasons why we have a faith journey . So, now we begin to focus our energies on how we live our faith lives.

The question which is answered in each reading is “How is God working in our lives today?”

In the first reading from Exodus, God reminds the Israelites of the special choice He makes of them through his delivery of them from slavery in Egypt. Speaking through Moses on Mount Sinai God declares that if they obey His commands and keep His covenant they will be a treasured possession.

In the Psalm 100 we hear a call to all people to praise and serve the Lord joyfully, recognizing that we are his people and the sheep of His flock. These verses focus on God’s goodness, role as creator and caretaker of His people, and His continuing kindness and faithfulness for His people.

In the second reading from Romans we hear of God’s great love by sacrificing his son Jesus for the early Christians who were undeserving of such favor from God. What explains this special love? This gift of choice instilled in God’s people a sense of vocation. They were called to share the gift of God’s love with others.

In the Gospel of Matthew readings, we hear of Jesus’ compassion for the crowds. Jesus decides to send out 12 disciples to heal the sick, raise the dead, and proclaim the Good News of the kingdom of heaven. Jesus instructs his disciples to freely give what they have received encouraging them to serve others with love and generosity.

Jesus’ call of the 12 apostles serves as a challenge to each of us today as a norm for us in the fulfillment of our vocations. We are, as were the disciples, asked to believe that there is a special harvest that awaits our labors. We are more than sheep led by the Divine Shepherd. We are also called to be shepherds of those who need our compassionate care.

The apostles, persons of different talents, are assigned a variety of tasks. In God’s people there is ample place of the cooperative effort of unique ministries.

As the apostles are first sent to their own people, the principle service of most of us will be to those close to us. In the diversity of our roles, however, we have the same overall purpose.

Our primary purpose is to open the hearts of all to the reign of God and his forgiving love. Jesus reminds us that we are to give as we have received. As we heard “The gift you have received, give as a gift.”

So the unifying themes for our readings is looking at how God has worked in our lives. The first reading we are reminded that God led Israelites out of Egypt. The Psalm tells us that God cares for us. The second reading we hear how God proves his love for us because Christ dies for us. And in the Gospel of Matthew we heard how Jesus cared for the people and sent his disciples to do the same.

Some questions to consider in the coming week:

• Think back and name what ways have you have experienced God in your lives?

• What areas of our lives today might we need to consider surrendering to Him more fully as we cultivate a deeper sense of obedience to God’s commands in our lives?


Brothers and Sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community

 that is the Good News for this 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time.

Alleluia Alleluia





常年期(甲年)第十一主日 (06/18/2023)

讀經一: 出谷紀 19:2-6
讀經二: 聖保祿宗徒致羅馬人書 5:6-11
聖瑪竇福音 9:36 - 10:8

聖詠第 100 篇呼召所有人歡歡喜喜地讚美和侍奉主,認識到我們是祂的子民,是祂牧場中的羊。這些經文著重於上主的善良,作為衪子民的創造者和看守者的角色,以及衪對子民的持續仁慈和信實。


• 回想一下,並說出在你的生活中,曾以哪些方式經驗過天主?
• 當我們在生活中深化順服上主的命令時,我們在今天生活的哪些方面能更完全地降服於衪?