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四旬期第4主日 Homily 4th Sunday Lent March 19th, 2023


Homily 4th Sunday of Lent

Franklin Fong, OFM

March 19, 2023


This weekend’s readings are a beautiful collage of ideas which are meant to help us on our faith journey . An event or certain words stand for or suggest something other than what is ordinarily understood. So the use of symbolic language to convey spiritual ideas is very obvious in today’s readings.

We hear in our readings about a visible healing suggesting an invisible reality, that is the cure of a heart open to faith. There are the words “truth” and goodness”, “light” and “darkness” “sight” and “blindness” that are in today’s readings which will take on a deeper meaning to us.

Light is a symbol for truth and goodness. God is light and no one sees as God sees ! The first reading is about the anointing of David as shepherd-king of Israel. God chooses the youngest brother in his family because of things that God saw in David’s heart. This is not surprising then if we accept the idea that Jesus Christ dwells in our hearts. God is able to see into our hearts, in contrast to how humans are able to see only the appearances of the person.

The psalm talks about God as a shepherd who anoints, and which begins with “The Lord is my shepherd”.

The second reading is about living in the light. St Paul helps the Ephesians to recognize that Christ is like the light in the world. This light shows forth the goodness, truth and righteousness in the world. This is contrasted with the darkness where competing values might be found.

Finally the gospel reading from John is about two different types of persons who respond to Jesus as light. There is the physically blind man who has “faith” sight. Then there are those pharisees who claim that they see spiritually and ‘know it all’, but who are in reality spiritually blind ! They refuse to be enlightened by God in and through Jesus who is sent in God’s name. So these ‘know it all’s’ are in sin or darkness because sin is a refusal to be open to God’s ever new ways of revealing himself. Jesus restored sight to the blind beggar, who then comes to believe in Jesus. So the main point then is accepting Jesus as the Messiah!

The three elements of the follower of Jesus is that

1) we must be heart centered,

2) be able to recognize the light of Jesus Christ, and

3) to come to believe that he is the Son of Man.

From the story of the blind man who now sees and believes in Jesus, we hear how blind man now suffers the penalty of being banned from the Temple area. Jesus seeks him out and let him know that Jesus will be with him.

For us today, we are gently reminded that our hearts are the place where Christ will dwell in us, and that we must choose to see the light of Christ in the world, and not be like the Pharisees who could see, but refused to see the Light of Christ. Finally, we are reminded that Jesus will be with us, even when we might suffer consequences of seeing the light of Christ and using it with our hearts to live our lives in our secular world.

Take some time in the coming week to reflect on your own life and how consistent you have been in seeing and following in the light of Christ as your guide for life decisions.


• How have you chosen to live in the light in these last few years?

• Are there situations when you have brought the light of Christ into the darkness in your life?

• Can you recall any moments in your life when you chose not to hold the light of Christ in some situation?

Remember this is a choice we have to make in following and carrying the light of Christ – as we are all given free will !


Brothers and Sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community,

this is the Good News for this 4th Sunday of Lent.

Amen, Amen





四旬期甲年第四主日 (03/19/2023)

讀經一: 撒慕爾紀上 16: 1, 6-7, 10-13
讀經二: 厄弗所書 5: 8-14
若望福音 9: 1-41

2)  能夠認出耶穌基督的光,並且
3)  相信他是人子。


• 在過去的幾年裡,你是如何選擇活於光中的?
• 在某些情況下,你會把基督的光帶進你生命的黑
• 你能回憶起在你生命的某些時刻,你曾選擇過不