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常年期第22主日 HOMILY 22nd Sunday OT A September 3, 2023


XXII Sunday in Ordinary Time – Cycle A

09 03 2023

Fr. Fernando Cortez


Jesus teaches his disciples about his passion and death in today’s Gospel. It is not well received. Often, they ignore this hard message, pretend not to understand it. Like Isaiah, Jesus is upset. His efforts seem useless.

Usually, Jesus reserves most of his anger and reproach for the scribes and the Pharisees. On this occasion, Jesus is confronted with Peter’s rebuke. He may be hurt and angry. Though, he may not be surprised. As much as they love the secret that he is the Messiah, they cannot or will not accept his destiny: to suffer and die for them. Jesus’ answer is strong and painful to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan. You think like men not like God does”.

To all the disciples he teaches the same pain and sorrow that the prophet Isaiah suffers for bearing and proclaiming the truth of God. As disciples, we may have to suffer the same pain and sorrows from the world around us. We must not be an obstacle to Jesus. He seeks to reach out to the world through us even today. It is a choice we have to make every day. If we struggle against God, we waste God’s graces and our lives. God is stronger than any human effort against him.

The psalm teaches to see this calling as a hunger and thirst to serve and please God. We put our trust and faith in his love and protection. Belonging to God, belonging to Jesus should be a like a song in our hearts that consoles and encourages.

Paul and Jesus ask us to put away the World and embrace the mercies of God. There may crosses to bear in this life, but these are spiritual sacrifices we offer to God in praise. How can we want to for anything more? The world is an attractive or those who dedicate themselves to it. But, our lives with God matter more than gain, wealth or fame.

Our lives can be an example and inspiration for others. We are not alone in this effort to share Jesus with other. Jesus us is with us, the Holy Spirit joins to other Christians, the Holy Church and the common mission of other disciples of Jesus. The message may not always be well received, but our dedication gives praise to God and honors us before God.

Jesus promises to return with the angels to repay our conduct in the world. If we are anxious for God like the prophet Isaiah, gentle and fervent like Saint Paul toward the Romans, and filled with the grace and power of Jesus, nothing can deter us from the love of God.




常年期(甲年)第二十二主日講道 (09/03/2023 )

讀經一: 耶肋米亞先知書 20:7-9
讀經二: 保祿宗徒致羅馬人書 12:1-2
福音: 瑪竇福音 16:21-27