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四旬期第1主日 Homily 1st Sunday Lent February 26, 2023


Homily 1st Sunday Lent

Franklin Fong, OFM

February 26, 2023


The basic theme found throughout the readings for this first Sunday of Lent is TEMPTATION.


The first reading talks about Adam and Eve’s fall into temptation.


The psalm is a prayer for mercy, for those who have fallen into temptation.


The second reading demonstrates the innate desire of human beings to know and possess everything without limits. In this process, we lose our innocence and vitality and expose our vulnerability, discovering that we are not that smart. We end up feeling ashamed of ourselves that what we discover puts us into trouble. We are reminded then of the role of Adam in bringing sin to the world, and that Jesus dedicates and gives his life for the salvation others.  


The gospel reading demonstrates how Jesus successfully handles the temptations of the devil and does not fall into temptation. Jesus was tempted to use power in fulfilling his mission. He was being tested more about his commitment to be the loving and sacrificial servant of others rather than to sin ! Jesus’ faith clearly stood the test !  


Clearly temptations are here to stay. As long as we desire a lot of things, we are prone to be tempted. And so we have more chances of falling into sin.  


The gospel reading demonstrates how Jesus Christ, who is disinterested in wealth, prestige and power and successfully fights against the seductions of the devil. His only desire is to do the will of God. He listens to the voice of God. 


 The voice of God is to establish God’s reign in two ways:

by listening to God’s Word and not by satisfying appetites and by living simply and ordinarily and not by trying to impress!  


Sin leads us to death; Christ brings us back to life. Christ overcomes sin, because he never listens to the devil, nor to himself. Besides, he has no worldly desires. He too overcomes death.


So we can now see that overcoming temptations means being focused to the one true God, not to anything bizarre! If we are not formed by the Word of God, we would easily give in to any temptation and have no qualms about committing injustices, crimes, blunders and sin.


The voice of God or God’s Word serves as a reminder for us not to give in to what is evil.


The second reading reflects on the downfall of Adam and Eve and ours in the 1st reading and on the victory of Christ Jesus over the devil in the gospel.


So, sin leads us to death; Christ brings us back to life. Jesus Christ overcomes sin, because he never listens to the devil, nor to himself.


So I ask you to reflect and meditate on these questions:

How do we handle the temptations to your commitments in your faith journey?

Which temptations do you find challenging? Money, power, pride.  

How can you deepen your identity as being children of God?

What have you done most recently to strengthen your faith journey?


The eucharist is the reward for those who resist temptations. It is the sacrament that celebrates our victory over evil. The eucharist strengthens us in our fight against temptations.


So brothers and sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community,

 that is the Good News

 for this first Sunday of Lent.

Amen, Amen !






四旬期甲年第一主日 (02/26/2023)

讀經一: 創世紀 2: 7-9, 3: 1-7
讀經二: 聖保祿宗徒致羅馬人書 5: 12-19
瑪竇福音: 4: 1-11




		天主的話以兩種方式建立天主的王國: 通過聆聽天主的話語,而不是通過滿足食



所以罪導致我們死亡; 基督帶我們復活。因此我請你反思和思考這些問題:

 我們如何處理我們在履行信仰的承諾時到來的誘惑?

 你覺得哪些誘惑對你具有挑戰性: 金錢,權力,驕傲?

 你怎樣才能加深你作為天主兒女的身份?

 你最近做了什麼來加固你的信仰生活?


		所以,華人天主教會的弟兄姊妹們, 這是四旬期的第一個主日的好消息。