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四旬期第5主日 Homily 5th Sunday Lent March 26th, 2023


Homily 5th Sunday Lent 2023

Franklin Fong, OFM

March 26, 2023


Today’s readings help us to understand deeper aspects about death and how it gives meaning to life.  


In the first reading from Ezekiel we are assured that what we desire will be given us. Death can be viewed a door that opens out to God and to his way of living. We come to understand that our death can be overcome by life. So, Ezekiel urges his people to look forward to a better future when their dry bones will be given new life.  


In the second reading from St Paul’s letter to the Romans, we heard that God “will being your mortal bodies to life”. We are asked to believe that we are now alive with the Spirit of Christ. 


In the Gospel reading from John, we hear a capsule summary of the biblical message of salvation. Firstly, we hear of the human nature of Jesus who is filled with his emotions of grief as he hears of the death of his friend Lazarus. Jesus loved and he cried on hearing the news – just as we would be doing! Clearly, Jesus knows how we feel when we suffer and cry. The shortest verse in the entire bible is “And Jesus wept.” Secondly we hear of Jesus’ Godly nature. Because Jesus is God’s son, he can give us the gift of eternal life as Jesus says, ““I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.”


Jesus gives life to an entombed Lazarus. This becomes a sign to show just who Jesus is, as the one who has come to give life to all. Lazarus represents all the friends of Jesus destined to be with Jesus forever. Death does not separate friends. We don’t have to wait to become risen persons. The Risen Christ is already a life-giving friend to us. In faith then, we can welcome God’s never-ending love, a pledge of never-ending life.


Daily and at our last hour, God enables us to come up from darkened graves to be free of all that might keep us from him. It is his commandment to us. Our commitment to him is a faith life like that of Martha, the sister of Lazarus whom we heard about today. When we are at our worst, God can show up at his best !


Clearly then we must live our faith in our hearts and that a life lived now in selfless dedication will deliver us – as it did with Jesus, from everlasting death into a life that will never end.  


So, as we approach Easter, take some time in the coming days to reflect on: 

how strong is your faith in a future risen life? 

how aware are we of Christ already dwelling within us?   

And, in what ways have you lived a life of “selfless dedication” to Jesus Christ in your heart? 


So brothers and sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community

that is the Good News for this 5th Sunday of Lent,




So as we end our Lenten season, let us say a special prayer to acknowledge the lessons of this Lent as we begin our petitions.


Let us pray:  


Say “AMEN” when I raise my hands.


Yes, Lord, we do believe that you are true God and true man.



Yes, Lord, we do believe that you became one of us that we might become one with you.



Yes, Lord, we do believe that in the world to come you will wipe away all tears, like those you shed for Lazarus. Then there will be no more death, no more grief and no more crying.



Yes Lord, we give thanks for the many lessons of this Lenten season to prepare for our lives of faith.  






四旬期甲年第五主日 (03/26/2023)

讀經一: 厄則克耳先知書 37: 12-14
讀經二: 聖保祿宗徒致羅馬人書 8: 8-11
若望福音 11: 1-45



在讀經一厄則克耳先知書中,我們確信我們所渴望的將得到實現。 死亡可以被看作是一扇通向天主和天國生活敞開的門。 我們開始明白,我們開始明白生命可以戰勝死亡。 因此,厄則克耳敦促他的人民期待一個更美好的未來,那時他們的枯骨將被賦予新的生命。

聖保祿寫給羅馬人的信是我們的讀經二。我們聽到天主“將要成為你們必死的身體”。 我們被要求相信我們現在就與基督的聖神同在。

在今天的若望福音裡,我們聽到了聖經救恩資訊的概括性總結。 首先,我們聽到耶穌的人性,當他聽到他的朋友拉匝祿的死時,他充滿了悲傷的情緒。 耶穌愛,他聽到這個消息就哭泣——就像我們一樣! 顯然,耶穌知道我們受苦和哭泣時的感受。 整本聖經中最短的經文是“耶穌哭了”。 其次,我們聽到耶穌的天主本性。 因為耶穌是天主的兒子,他可以賜給我們永生的禮物,正如耶穌所說,「我就是復活,就是生命;信從我的,即使死了,仍要活著; 11:26 凡活著而信從我的人,必永遠不死。你信麼?」

耶穌給已被埋葬的拉匝祿生命。 這成為一個奇跡,它表明耶穌是誰,作為一個來給所有人生命的人。 拉匝祿代表了所有註定要永遠與耶穌同在的朋友。 死亡不會分離朋友。 我們不必等待成為復活的人。 復活的基督已經是賜予我們生命的永遠朋友。 憑著信心,我們可以迎接天主永無止境的愛,和祂賜予我們永生的誓言。


這是祂對我們的誡命。 我們對祂的承諾是我們要有今天聽到的拉匝祿的妹妹瑪爾大那樣的信仰。 當我們最糟糕的時候,我們會經驗天主最好恩典!很清楚,我們必須活在信心中,現在無私奉獻的生活將拯救我們 - 就像信德對耶穌所做的那樣,從永恆的死亡進入永恆的生命。

 你對未來復活的生命有多堅定的信心?
 我們對基督已經住在我們心內的意識有多大?
 而且,為了基督,你在哪些方面過著“無私奉獻”生活?



亞孟, 亞孟!




讓我們祈禱: 當我舉手時,請說 “亞孟”。

是的,主啊,我們相信你是真天主和真人。 亞孟。

是的,主啊,我們相信你成為我們中的一員,我們可以與你合而為一。 亞孟。

是的,主啊,我們相信,在將來的世界中,你會擦去所有的眼淚,就像你為拉匝祿流的眼淚一樣。 那時將不再有死亡,不再有悲傷,不再有哭泣。 亞孟。

是的,主啊,我們感謝這個四旬期的許多教訓,為我們的信仰生活做準備。 亞孟。