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常年期第26主日 Homily 26th Sunday OT C September 25, 2022


Homily 26th Sunday OT

Homily presented by Franklin Fong, OFM


The main focus of this weekend’s lectionary is about how easy it is to be complacent with our lives and take everything for granted ! As we live one moment at a time – take one step at a time - we have to face up to what is the ultimate purpose of our lives. We have to answer some basic questions:

To what will our lives bring us?

Is this all that there is?

When we die, what will we leave behind?

What might we expect in the future?


Our view of the future should make a difference in our present decisions.

In the first reading we hear the prophet Amos criticize those who have no concern for the future nor for the social ills of others. They are complacent people who think everything is OK. They are deaf to the “cries of the poor”. To be in solidarity with those who live at the edges of society is of no concern is not a goal of theirs.

In the psalm we hear of the many different ways that God liberates his people: Setting captives free; sight to the blind; raises those who are humbled; protects the strangers; sustains the orphan and widow and frustrates the plans of the wicked.  

In the second reading, St Paul speaks of concern for the future when we will enter the world of God. The concern for the future is seen in men and women of responsibility, of righteousness, devotion to God, faithful to Christ, charitable, patient and gentle. We should all lead a blameless life until the second coming of Christ!

In the Gospel verses we hear of Jesus’ story of a rich man and of a poor man. The different futures that await people whose primary concerns are very different. For the rich man finds himself after death to be in torment and suffering greatly in the “netherworld”. While when Lazarus the poor man dies he goes the side of Abraham.  

Those like Lazarus have listened to the word of God through Moses and the prophets, while the rich man represents those who totally self-directed.  

They are different because persons have different treasures or primary loves and purposes in their lives. 

Ask yourselves, what do we seek above all things?

Do you hear and respond to the cry of the poor? Cry of the earth?


All of the earlier generations of our families came from China. My great grandfather left a fishing village to explore a new way of life in San Francisco. It is so easy to forget how the Chinese immigrant community worked together to support each other through the centuries here in the United States . Yes and even here in San Leandro!

It is so easy for those of us who do not remember our immigrant relatives to not sympathize with the struggles of refugees and immigrants who are fleeing home countries to come to America ! Our entire history of the United States is based on persons fleeing persecution for their spiritual beliefs and seeking a more peaceful way of life! Nothing has changed since the 1600’s! Even this week we have persons fleeing their homelands to find another way of life !

So where your treasure is, there also will your heart be …. Now and in the future!

Take a some time in the coming week 

to especially give thanks for the immigrant generation in your family history; and

to ask the Holy Spirit for insight into how your gifts can be shared with the current generations of refugees and immigrants who seek our life in the USA.

Finally, take some time to reflect on what are the treasures in your heart which motivate the goals and major activities in your life in San Leandro. 

Remember our eucharist today is a banquet offered to us, rich and poor, by the Lord. The poor are never excluded !

Those who are entitled to receive Eucharist are those who answer the call of God, those who are not complacent, those who don’t take the poor for granted, and those who have a heart for the destitute.

The Eucharist is a sacrament of justice and salvation for the just.   


So brothers and sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community,

that is the good news for this 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time!



Fr. Fong






讀經一: 亞毛斯先知書 6:1, 4-7
讀經二: 第茂德前書6:11-16
路加福音 16: 19-31

1. 我們的生命會給我們帶來什麼?
2. 這就是全部嗎?
3. 當我們死了,我們會留下什麼?
4. 未來我們會期待什麼?











對於我們這些不記得我們的移民親屬的人來說,很容易不同情逃離祖國來到美國的難民和移民的鬥爭!我們整個美國的歷史都是建立在人們為了他們的精神信仰而逃離迫害並尋求更和平的生活方式的基礎上的!自 1600 年代以來,一切都沒有改變!即使在本週,我們也有人逃離家園尋找另一種生活方式!


1) 特別感謝您家族歷史上的移民一代;和
2) 祈求聖神洞察你的恩賜如何與當代尋求美國生活的難民和移民分享。
3) 最後,花點時間思考一下你心中的寶藏是什麼,它們會激發你在聖利安達的生活目標和主要活動。



所以華人天主教會的弟兄姊妹們,這就是常年期26 主日的好消息!