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將臨期第二主日 Homily Second Sunday Advent Cycle A December 4, 2022


Homily 2nd Sunday Advent 2022

December 4, 2022

Franklin Fong, OFM

Each candle of our Advent wreath has a name. The first Candle we lit last week is called the PROPHECY Candle and it represents hope. The second candle we lit today is called the BETHLEHEM candle and represents peace and preparation.

Many of our present moments are given to remembering and hoping, or another way of describing it is to looking back and gazing ahead. This is exactly what we do during the Advent season. In Advent we prepare to recall the birth of Jesus. We also look forward to his coming again.
In the first reading from Isaiah we hear about a future of peace and unity under a wise and just leader. In this passage, he wants to stir up hope among his people, hoping that God would soon intervene dramatically to change their world and their fortunes by the advent of a new king. To describe the king in hopeful, recognizable terms, Isaiah reaches for an image from their glorious past. Their national pride had peaked during the kingship of David, about four centuries earlier. The shoot or branch that is sprouting from the stump of Jesse, means a new king in the family of Jesse and David.
 In Psalm 72 we hear about how God’s peace will happen if we prepare for it by doing various acts of justice.
 In the second reading we are told that while we await and work for God’s future we are to live in ‘perfect harmony with one another’. So this message is about being prepared by having patience, endurance and hope in one’s life.
In the Gospel of Matthew we listen to John the Baptist giving us what first sounds like an old fashioned “fire and brimstone” sermon. But he does more than put the fear of the Lord into some of the Pharisees and Sadducees. He is strong in his denunciation of self-righteous people.
John clearly sees how foolish someone is when they are denying themselves the riches of God’s reign. To refuse to welcome God’s gifts is the essence of evil. John calls for a personal conversion or a radical change in the way of living through the turning of one’s mind and heart to God and not away from God.
• What kind of vision and purpose explains our actions?
• On what hopes are our present lives based?
• How have we fashioned our vision according to the Word of God or scriptures as John the Baptist talked about in the second reading.
• Have we let God to come through to us to reveal new ways of engaging our lives.
We have been reminded in today’s readings that we do not yet have the peace and harmony that God wants in our world.
During this second week of Advent, let us reflect on our lives and work on becoming better-versions-of-ourselves in preparation for Jesus’ coming.
Consider reflecting on:
1. How have we planted the seeds of peace in our minds and hearts?
2. How have we prepared our hearts and minds for the presence of God in our lives?
Conversion can excite us as there is so much more to see, more to experience, and more to love, than we now know!
 We only have to look at the journey Joseph and Mary took from Nazareth to Bethlehem to give us wonderful examples of hope, peace and preparation of their heads, hearts and hands for the coming of Jesus.
So brothers and sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community
 that is the wonderful Good News
for this 2nd Sunday of Advent!
Alleluia Alleluia !





禮儀年甲年將臨期第二主日 2022 年 12 月 4 日

讀經一: 依撒意亞先知書 11:1-10
讀經二: 羅馬人書 15:4-9
瑪竇福音 3:1-12

蠟燭叫做預言蠟燭 (PROPHECY Candle),它代表著希望。我們今天點燃的第二
支蠟燭叫做白冷蠟燭 (BETHLEHEM Candle),代表平安與準備。



在聖詠 72 篇中,我們聽到天主的平安恩寵將如何地降臨。為妥善做好準備,我






1. 我們如何在思想和心中播下和平的種子?
2. 我們如何準備思想和心中為了天主可臨於並存活在我們的生命中?



所以華人天主教會的兄弟姐妹們, 那是在將臨期的第二個主日美妙的好消息!

亞肋路亞, 亞肋路亞!