教宗方濟各 - 做基督徒的訣竅 Pope Francis - The Recipe of the Christian


教宗方濟各 - 做基督徒的訣竅


  1. 不要放棄 - 耶穌的原意是(在建設良好家庭及社區過程中)要你們切記對任何事情應團結一致。

  2. 請不要忘記:一切待被發現,一切需共同建立,一切都是愛,一切得彼此分享,一切皆有可能,在任何事情上當宣認同一個信仰。

  3. 一句話就已足夠:“我在這裡”。我們可以學習聖母回答主的召叫說:“我在這裡”。

  4. 你的回應是什麽?你覺得你會為你的“一切”付諸實行這個要求嗎?我認為你已經活出以上一部分的建議了。

  5. 當每次犯了錯誤,每做了壞事,堅信的跑到耶穌跟前求祂原諒。向所有人宣告耶穌的愛,祂的慈悲,祂的溫良。

  6. 與耶穌交談 - 禱告:與耶穌交談,耶穌是永願不離棄我們的最好的朋友,時刻於你的快樂或你的悲傷中信賴他。

  7. 要成為一位和睦及平靜的信徒,由你的家庭開始;  勉勵你的父母,兄弟姐妹,同輩,彼此在被愛中是多美好的一件事情。

  8. 藉著奉獻你們的時間,精力,技能和能力於堂區,為每個人的豐裕都是上主的恩賜,一切皆彼此分享作見證。

  9. 熱愛教會,關心你的神職人員,奉獻自己為堂區服務。

  10. 所有被耶穌召選的人都要愛人如己,特別是要對窮苦、孤獨及寂寞的人要更加關愛。

--- 以下是英文原稿 original version in English ---



Pope Francis - The Recipe of the Christian

I would like to give you a few suggestions for the good of the journey in the family and in the community.

  1. Never give up, for what Jesus intended for your journey is that everything be built together.

  2. And remember well: everything is to be discovered, everything is to be built together, everything is love, everything is to be shared, everything is possible, and the faith is an event everything about which is to be told.

  3. One small phrase suffices: “Here I am”.  We can learn this from our Mother, Our Lady, who answered thus to the call of the Lord: “Here I am”.

  4. What you do say?  Do you feel like trying to put into practice this proposal with your “everything”?  I think that you are already living out some of these things.

  5. Run to Him every time you make a mistake, do something bad, with the certitude that He will forgive you.  And speak to everyone about Jesus, about his love, his mercy, his tenderness.

  6. Talk with Jesus.  Prayer: talking with Jesus, the greatest friend who never abandons us, trust Him with your joys and your sorrows.

  7. Be apostles of peace and serenity, beginning with your families; remind your parents, siblings, peers that it is a beautiful thing to be loved.

  8. Donate your time, energy, skills and capacities to your parishes and like this you will bear witness to the fact that the richness of every person is a gift from God, everything is to be shared.

  9. Love the Church, care for your priests, set yourself at the service of the community.

  10. Be attentive to the needs of the poor, the suffering, the lonely, for whoever has chosen to love Jesus cannot but love his neighbor.


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