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常年期第29主日 Homily 29th Sunday OT C October 16, 2022


HOMILY Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C, October 16th, 2022

By Franklin Fong, OFM


In this weekend’s readings we can readily recognize that it is about three perspectives to our prayer life.

In the first reading from Exodus, we hear of how we have to persist even if we are tired or older. Moses’ arms were so tired that his two friends Aaron and Hur each held up one of his arms so that Moses could continue to pray for the success of Israel against attackers.

Then in the second reading from St Paul’s letter to Timothy, his young protégé, that all prayers and teachings must be always connected and rooted in the sacred scriptures. And St Paul brings up the final point again to be persistent even when it is inconvenient.  

Finally in the Gospel according to Luke we hear of how the widow has to repeatedly make public petitions to the judge to make her case. What is not explained in the specific text is that in the middle eastern culture, women did not have a voice. That traditionally and culturally the men in their family would have spoken for women. So a widow, means in Hebrew “the silent one” “the one who cannot speak”. The widow’s petition was publicly made; for all his bluster and denial, the judge respected public opinion. It was group pressure that made the judge cave in.  

There was persistence and perseverance on the widow’s part - but that petition was made in public courtroom - and it was the group’s common petition which made the difference in convincing the corrupt judge in making a decision.  

So what is the take home message for us from this grouping of readings? The first reading encourages us to defy fatigue and to be persistent to finish our mission. The second reading encourages us to remain faithful and persistent to the Christian teachings. The gospel reading encourages to pray persistently!

So you can now see that that the main theme is clearly about prayer.

  • We need to pray even if we are tired !
  • We need to pray based on sacred scripture!
  • We need to pray in community as well as individually!
  • We need to be persistent in whatever situation!

Here is something that Pope Francis said in 2013:

God invites us to pray with insistence, not because he doesn’t know what we need, or because he doesn’t listen to us. On the contrary, God always hears and knows all of us, with love. In our daily journey, especially in difficulties, in the fight against evil outside of ourselves and within us, the Lord is not far away, he is at our side; 

About 20 years ago I wrote this poem that I have never shared publicly until now.



I travelled the yellow brick road –

Always carefully staying within the bricks;

Never straying more than a millimeter.


I travelled the yellow brick road –

Always watching for signs at every turn.;

Moving so deliberately to stay on track.


I travelled the yellow brick road –

Always hoarding every day, hour, minute, and second;

Never to share the moment,


I travelled the yellow brick road –

Step by step - Looking always at my feet;

Never sharing a thought or fear.


I travelled the yellow brick road –

Til you extended your heart and spirit;

Til you taught me

To touch the rainbow,

To feel the rose from afar,

To smell the water, and

To love my Brothers and Sisters.

So you can see that our life is about walking on many different brick roads and learning different life skills along the way! The most challenging part may be to learning to pray and extending our hearts and spirit as thanksgiving to a loving God!


So, reflect on your lives, how have you created a habit of prayer? How is it a habit?   

What can you do to take this habit, and take it to the next step?

How have you prayed with others - ?

How do you do this as a habit?    

Again how can you take this to the next step?

Think about it, was there a yellow brick road that you have walked thru these decades.  

What were these yellow bricks made of for you at different times in your life?

What is the yellow brick made of today in your life?


Now you can see and appreciate how persistence, prayer, and a faith community are each important perspectives to have on our journey of life on this earth - All of this is to prepare us for that great leap of faith as walk the yellow brick road to St Peter’s gate !  

So brothers and sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community that is the Good News for the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time!       



Fr. Fong





2022 年 10 月 16日

1. 即使疲累,也要祈禱!
2. 要根據聖經祈禱!
3. 獨自祈禱,也要團體祈禱
4. 任何情況下,也要堅持不懈!

自己,見衆生,見天地。 (欲觀原文,請參照上方英文講道)

o 如何養成祈禱習慣?這是個怎樣的習慣?
o 做些什麼可把這個習慣帶到下一步?
o 如何與其他人一起祈禱?
o 如何養成這習慣?
o 又怎麼把它帶到下一步?