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常年期第27主日 Homily 27th Sunday OT C October 02, 2022


Homily 27th Sunday OTC October 2, 2022

By Franklin Fong, OFM


This Sunday’s lectionary helps us understand what it means to have faith in our lives. Faith is much more than intellectual agreement to truths revealed by God. Most often in the bible, faith is an attitude of trust. This attitude is especially noted at times when God’s ways with us don’t seem to make much sense.

Trust is also tested in our human relationships. It isn’t easy to give persons the benefit of doubt, to tolerate their moods, to wait for them to explain things to our satisfaction, to talk thru a misunderstanding and to weather all sorts of misconceptions.

In the first reading the prophet wonders why God takes so long to step in and do something about an unjust situation. The Lord’s response is: “Don’t lose faith! Learn to wait for the fulfillment of my plan. “ So, the just person must have faith, or better yet, steadfast fidelity, continuing loyalty and patient waiting. All this is needed so that we are not carried away by fear.

In the second reading we are told that we should believe that God gives us the strength necessary to bear the hardship which is needed in living the Good News!  Gifted with the Holy Spirit and God’s graces, we must take the courage to communicate the Good NEWs to others. When we are quiet about our faith, and fail to share our reflections and faith-experiences is when we are poor servants of God.

In the Gospel reading from Luke are three specific things about faith. First, God’s servants must learn how to pray and especially to pray for increasing our faith. We too, have no right to faith. We have to pray for this gift and welcome it with gratitude in our lives. We need that faith so that we can face the controversies, contradictions, betrayals and persecutions we will face in a secular world.

Secondly, Jesus challenges the apostles to reflect on the strength of their faith. We and the apostles are assured that even the smallest amount of faith and trust is powerful in the world. Do we really trust that what is impossible for us is possible with God? More important that the faith needed to uproot a tree and plant it into the sea, is the faith that removes from our hearts unbelief, despair, fear and pride.

And the final point in the gospel is that as servants we should not expect thanksgiving from our master or from any fellow servants for what we do as a servant of God. We cannot make a claim upon God. God is not in debt to us. Rather, we are reliant on God.

So what is the take home message from today’s readings?

1. God assures us that even a little faith or persevering trust is most powerful.

2. We have no claim on God. God’s excessive and unmerited love accounts for our salvation more than our fulfillment of duty.

3. True believers are persons who when they have every reason to lose confidence and to despair, they still decide NOT to do so !

Yes, Lord, “Increase our faith´!


So brothers and sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community

that is the Good News for this 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time.

Alleluia Alleluia!


Fr. Fong







這個主日的講道幫助我們了解對我們的生命裡懷着信德意味著什麼。 信德遠遠不止是理智上認同天主所啟示的真理。 在聖經中最常見的信仰表現是一種信任的態度。 當天主的道對我們似乎沒有多大意義時,這種態度尤其明顯。




在讀經一中,哈巴谷先知想知道為什麼天主要這麼長時間才為不公正的情況介入並採取行動。 天主的回應是:“不要失去信德! 學會耐心等待我計劃的完成。“ 所以,正義的人必須有信德,或者更好的是:堅定的忠誠、持續的忠心和耐心的等待。 所有這一切都是必要的,這樣我們才不會被恐懼所支配。


在讀經二中,我們被告知,我們應該相信天主賜給我們必要的力量來承擔活出福音時所面對的艱辛!我們被賜予天主聖神和天主的豐厚恩典,必須鼓起勇氣去傳福音給其他人。 當我們對自己的信仰保持沉默,沒有分享我們的反思和信仰歷程時,我們就變成天主最可憐的庸僕了。


在路加福音中,讀到了關於信仰的三個要點。 首先,天主的僕人必須學習如何祈禱,尤其是為增加我們每人的信德而祈禱。 我們也沒有擁有信仰的權利。 我們必須為這份恩寵祈禱,並在我們的每天生命中懷著感恩之情歡天喜地迎接這份恩寵。 我們需要這份信德才能面對在俗世中所面臨的種種爭議、矛盾、背叛和迫害。


其次,耶穌要求宗徒反思他們個人信仰的力度和力量。 我們和宗徒們確信,即使是最小的信德和信任,在世界上是強大和有力的。 我們真的要深信對我們來說不可能的事情,在天主那裡是可能的。 更重要的是,福音中提及可將一棵樹連根拔起並種入大海般的信仰,就是那份我們每人需懷着從我們心中能消除不信、絕望、恐懼和驕傲的信仰。


福音的最後一點是,我們作為僕人的和以僕人所做的事情,我們不應期望我們的天主或任何其他僕人會感謝我們。 我們不能對天主提出要求。 天主並沒有欠我們的債。 相反,我們必需仰賴天主。




1.   天主向我們保證,即使是一小點信仰或堅持不懈的信任也是最強而有力的。


2.   我們對天主應沒有要求。 天主恩許了牠豐盈而又無條件的愛並白白施予我們牠的救恩, 請記住這愛和救恩比我們履行我們的本份更為重要。


3.   真正的門徒是那些當他們完全有理由失去信心和感到絕望時,他們仍然決定絕對向失去信心和絕望說"不"!




華人天主教會的兄弟姐妹們,這就是常年期第 27 個主日的好消息。




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